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Injury Accidents When you've been injured in an accident caused by someone else. Read more...
Social Security DisabilityWhen you've been denied benefits.
BankruptcyWhen you have more debts than you can pay. Read more...

Divorce / Family LawWhen you have divorce, custody, or visitation issues. Read more...
Criminal / DWIWhen you've been charged with a crime. Read more...
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Falk & Falk - Lawyers With Experience

At Falk & Falk, our experienced personal injury lawyers have experience with personal injury cases, including:

Wrongful Death | Medical Malpractice | Auto / Pedestrian Injury Accidents

Auto / Passenger Injury Accidents | Auto / Driver Injury Accidents | Motorcycle Accidents

No Fee on Personal Injury Cases Unless We Get Money For You

At Falk & Falk, when we represent you in a case involving personal injury, Social Security Disability, wrongful death, or Workers' Compensation, we charge only if recover money for our clients. Costs are, under New York State law, the responsbility of the client regardless of the case outcome. On all cases, the first consultation is free. Whether flat rate or hourly, we tell you our fee schedule up front.

Hire lawyers with courtroom experience! Hire lawyers who know more about the law than just how to make advertisements! Falk & Falk attorneys has been trusted by clients with personal injury, disability, bankruptcy, family law, Workers' Compensation, criminal law, wills and estates, and other cases in Western New York for over twenty-five years. We represent many repeat clients, as well as receiving referrals from other law firms. Trust the firm that is trusted by others just like you! Trust the firm that is trusted by other referring lawyers! Trust Falk & Falk! At Falk & Falk, we fight for you!  

Referring Attorneys

Falk & Falk is well known for integrity and competence. When you refer your client to Falk & Falk for personal injury, Social Security Disabilty, or any other matter, we will, of course, protect your relationship with your client. You and your client will join many others who are most satisfied with the promptness and results achieved by our firm.


Have You Been Injured?

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Were you driving when another driver hit you? Falk & Falk has obtained numerous awards for people injured in accidents that were another driver's fault. Contact:

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