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At Falk & Falk Attorneys, we believe that every person should have a will. You do not need to be a rich person to need one. If you have children, a house, a car, savings, antiques or jewelry, you should have a will. A will allows you and not the laws of New York State to determine how your property will be disposed of, and who will raise your minor children. We have experience in drawing wills and helping you to decide what to do concerning your estate plan.

Probate of an ESTATE is the way that a decedent’s financial life is legally concluded. The court will give someone that you have selected the right to effectuate the terms of your will. That person is called an executor. The executor with the guidance of the experienced lawyers and staff at Falk & Falk Attorneys, will be responsible transfer title to property like houses and cars, sell assets, and conduct the business of the estate.


Real Estate Transactions

The purchase of a house or other building, called a real estate transaction, is the biggest financial commitment many people will make. At Falk & Falk Attorneys, we have the experience that can guide you through the hurdles of closing.

We represent both Buyers and Sellers. Generally, it will take approximately three months to close on a house. The Seller will need to provide a Search (often called a title report) and Survey and the Buyer will need to provide a mortgage commitment. At Falk & Falk Attorneys, we will handle your closing from the signingof the Purchase Offer to the Filing of the Deed and all of the steps in between.

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